Blue Carbon S2C (BC-S2C) completed an initial site selection evaluation process over several sites in the Indo-Pacific (early assessment). This involved initial desktop work, analysing satellite and LiDAR data and evaluating reports from in-country parties. We have identified several project sites that have large-scale potential.

Project profiles

Location: South-East Asia, Africa.

Proposed method: Combination of blue, teal and green (Verra and Gold Standard methodologies).

Project life: Combination of ~100 years (blue carbon projects) ~25 years (green, teal carbon projects).

Project status (early assessment)

  • Commenced initial stakeholder engagement with landowners, traditional owners and Government.
  • Evaluating pilot project designs.
  • Commenced recruiting an international team.


Project fact sheets and posters

Project related fact sheets and posters will be available here »

Project registration & approvals

Project-related registration and regulatory information will be available here.