We have completed an initial site selection evaluation process over 150 potential blue and teal carbon sites. This involved initial desktop work, analysing satellite and LiDAR data and in-field reconnaissance. We have shortlisted and selected several project sites that have large-scale potential for nature-based solution and/or habitat creation.

Project profiles

Location: Northern Australia

Proposed method: Combination of blue, teal and green (ERF, Verra and Gold Standard methodologies)

Project life: Combination of ~100 years (blue carbon projects) and ~25 years (green, teal carbon projects).

Project status

  • Completed a concept design for the Blue Carbon Institute.

  • Commenced stakeholder engagement with landowners, traditional owners, Land Councils, Local, State/Territory, Federal Government and others.

  • Completed an initial site selection evaluation process for approximately 150 potential blue and teal carbon sites (desktop work and in-field reconnaissance). Shortlisted project sites with large scale and completed pilot project design.

  • Commenced drafting a portfolio of commercial agreements for various stages of project development.

  • Began assembling a consortium required to deliver the projects at scale.

  • Commenced in-field pilot projects as are necessary for carbon credit registration.

  • Commenced the building of a Project Developer and Trading Platform.

  • Started developing a portfolio of carbon offtake agreements and expressions of interest (EOIs) at various stages.

  • Commenced application process for an AFSL & CMS.

  • Commenced recruiting an Australian, Singapore and Indo-Pacific team.

  • Released several work packages to suppliers and contractors.


Project fact sheets and posters

Project related fact sheets and posters will be available here »

Project registration & approvals

Project-related registration and regulatory information will be available here.