Project developer (Own projects)

Blue Carbon S2C’s (“BC-S2C”) purpose is to achieve real action on climate change at scale, by developing and financing blue, teal and green carbon projects as well as trading our own and third-party carbon credits and co-benefits.

We have the potential to be one of the largest project developers, suppliers and traders of high-integrity blue carbon credits in Australia and the surrounding Indo-Pacific, due to the scale of projects in our project pipeline. We are also growing a portfolio of associated teal and green carbon credits and co-benefits.

We provide a BC-S2C Consortium approach required to deliver a “one-stop shop” solution for our projects by:

  • Using the best available science and techniques.
  • Adhering to Australian and international standards and methodologies.
  • Maximising carbon credits and co-benefits (volume and price).

We do this through:

  • Project planning and providing project development expertise:
    • Initial desktop appraisal.
    • Stakeholder engagement.
    • Commercial agreements.
    • Detailed studies (environmental and feasibility).
    • Regulatory approvals.
    • Registering project(s).
  • Project funding:
    • Equity, sub-debt, debt, grant.
  • Project delivery:
    • Construction, commissioning of supporting infrastructure and in-field restoration.
  • Project reporting (MRV).
  • Claiming the carbon credits and co-benefits.
  • Trading carbon credits and co-benefits:
    • Trade carbon credits and co-benefits using our Trading Platform.
    • Manage the commercial marketing and offtake strategy, contracting, and sales of the credits.
    • Manage the distribution of the revenue (e.g., carbon royalties).
  • Providing back-office support functions and corporate.