Developer & trading platforms

BC-S2C Project Developer Platform

BC-S2C is building a transparent and verifiable platform using blockchain, which will capture and store all data relating to every single project, throughout the lifecycle, from project inception to close. Our Project Developer Platform provides an immutable ledger of transparent project data, which will ensure our platform provides data and confidence around the quality of our credits and co-benefits for landowners, regulators, auditors, buyers of credits and investors.

BC-S2C Trading Platform

The underlying blockchain technology used for our Project Developer Platform will also enable BC-S2C to build a Trading Platform to buy/sell/ and retire carbon credits. We plan to trade real, verified, and high-quality “carbon credits + co-benefits” competitively priced on our platform (or directly to clients with our platform connecting to their platform) and do this through our internal business systems and our AFSL.

Our clients can trade high-quality, verified carbon credits and co-benefits through this platform. The platform is currently under construction. When ready, a link will be found here.

Information Management System (IMS)

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) combines all aspects of BC-S2C’s policies, systems, processes and Standards into a single intelligent system.