Carbon credits & trading

BlueCarbon S2C (“BC-S2C”) can help companies meet their net-zero pledge by 2030 and 2050, decarbonisation or climate change strategy and ESG obligations through purchasing our carbon credits and co-benefits.

Carbon credit details

BC-S2C aims to supply the following high-integrity carbon credits and co-benefits:

Project type

  • Removal of carbon – sequestration of GHG from the atmosphere.


  • Nature-based solutions – the restoration of blue, teal and green ecosystems.
  • Habitat creation – the re-creation or creation of blue, teal and green carbon ecosystems.

Quality of offsets

  • Australia – Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) achieved under the ERF.
  • International – Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) managed by Verra.
  • International – Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) managed by Gold Standard.

Quantity of carbon credits

  • We have the potential to be one of the largest project developers, suppliers and traders of high integrity blue carbon credits in Australia and the surrounding Indo-Pacific, due to the scale of our projects in our project pipeline.
  • We are also growing a portfolio of linked teal and green carbon credits and co-benefits in Australia and the Indo-Pacific.
  • Combined, we will be generating millions of credits over the life of the projects.

Quality of co-benefits

  • Adhere to international standards (CCBA, Sylveria) or similar Australian standards.

Quantity of co-benefits

  • BC-S2C is working on quantifying the environmental and social economic co-benefits that support our carbon credits.

Price of offsets

  • Value for money – economies of scale.


  • Our projects aim to have up to 25-year terms for our green carbon projects and up to 100-year terms for our blue carbon projects.


  • Initially, Australia, followed by Indo-Pacific.

Reliability of supply

  • Extensive project pipeline with large projects and a long-term supply.

Credit vintage

  • Targeting H2 2023.

Project status

  • Portfolio of signed agreements commenced project planning and stakeholder engagement.

Contract types

  • Use standardised and internationally acceptable contracts.
  • Multi-year ACCU purchase contracts with the Australian government’s ERF (BC-S2C’s projects).
  • Multi-year ACCU and VCU purchase contracts with businesses (BC-S2C’s projects).
  • Multi-year ACCU and VCU purchase contracts with companies (third-party aggregated projects, audited by BC-S2C).
  • Spot trade – Single trades with industry, government and other carbon farmers.

Core carbon principals

  • BC-S2C credits will be real; based on realistic and credible baselines; measured, reported and verified; permanent, any leakage accounted for and minimized; our projects will do no net harm and our credits only counted once.


  • BC-S2C’s can supply transparent, verifiable and a liquid blockchain marketplace to buy/sell/ retire high-quality/verified carbon credits without paying expensive broker fees.
  • Buyers can access our credits directly or on via our blockchain platform (currently under construction) anytime and anywhere.

Client’s reputation

  • We provide real, verified, and high-quality “blue, teal and green carbon credits and co-benefits” that can meet our client’s sustainability and ESG obligations.

Project developers’ reputation

  • BC-S2C works hard to maintain strong Indigenous, community and Government support for our This contributes toward social licence for the buyer.


  • We can offer greater transparency of the purchase, by providing traceability of the credits to the underlying carbon project through our Information Management System (IMS) platform.

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