BC-I-Nursery facility & lab

BlueCarbon Institute (BC-I)

The services provided by BC-I include the Nursery Facility, Nursery Lab and Community Nurseries.

Nursery Facility

We will have a wholesale “Nursery Facility” for local-provenance native plants and indigenous plants suited for ecosystem restoration and creation in local areas; including:

  • Blue ecosystem restoration (coastal mangrove, seagrass, salt marsh, littoral forest plants).
  • Teal ecosystem restoration (freshwater and shoreline plants).
  • Green ecosystem restoration (inland plants, e.g., savannah plants).

Many of the plants are used or have been used by Indigenous people for food, medicine and other purposes.

Note that “local-provenance native plant” populations occur naturally in a given area and are an important way of protecting local biodiversity and “indigenous plants” are those that have evolved in this example, in Australia.

We will not supply exotic plants (i.e., plants that occur naturally in other countries) as these are not suited for local conditions.

Nursery Lab

Our Nursery Lab will be used for our internal and external client’s laboratory requirements, supporting Community Nurseries biosecurity, genetics, soil and water quality testing and other analysis.

Community Nurseries

The local “Community Nurseries” will be located closer to the remote project sites and will also help provide thousands of seeds and plants needed over the life of the projects and will provide local jobs.

The wholesale “Nursery Facility” in the Northern Territory (NT) will act as a central hub and support the local “Community Nurseries” with technical expertise, plant stock, quality control and lab services, to name a few.