Sustainability & Environment

BlueCarbon S2C (BC-S2C) is committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner to maximise achieving genuine action on climate change at scale by developing and financing our own blue, teal and green carbon projects and trading our own and third-party carbon credits and co-benefits and minimise pollution and adverse environmental impacts. BC-S2C strives to contribute environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) benefits for key its stakeholders and recognises its responsibility to promote and contribute to environmental sustainability as a member of the carbon farming industry.

The ISO accreditation and compliance systems we are working towards include:

ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental management system

ISO/CD 14068 – Greenhouse gas management and climate change management and related activities — Carbon neutrality.

Our policy

  1. integrate sustainable business practices into corporate strategy and, where feasible, incorporate United Nations Sustainable Development.
  2. continue improving our environmental and sustainability standards to benefit the environment and stakeholders.
  3. engage with stakeholders, including employees, to identify and manage sustainability risks and opportunities as part of strategic business planning.
  4. commit to:
    • reduce, reuse, recycle and recover waste products.
    • use sustainable products, practices and technologies wherever possible, and
    • minimise pollution and emissions.
  5. use our Environmental Management System to:
    • set and review environmental objectives and targets to improve environmental performance.
    • identify, record and monitor environmental risks.
    • establish and document processes which identify and manage risks and opportunities about the use of energy, water, emissions and waste generation, and
    • monitor implementation, compliance, complaints and incidents concerning this Policy.
  6. review and improve our Environmental Management System to maintain compliance with legislation and certifications.
  7. dedicate sufficient resources to implement this Policy.