Research partners & innovation

We look forward to working with research partners who can add value to our purpose – be they academics, government, NGOs or citizen scientists – who want to get involved at the Blue Carbon Institute (BC-I) or in the field.

Our research and development (R&D)

BC-S2C is working on several R&D projects to improve our restoration capability and contribute to nature-based solutions, from carbon sequestration to carbon credit generation and co-benefit at scale.


  • Using the best available science and techniques.
  • Generating new knowledge that leads to better sequestration results and credit generation.
  • An evidence-based approach to blue, teal and green ecosystem restoration.
  • Adhering to and improving Australian and international standards.
  • Maximising carbon credits and co-benefits (volume and price).
  • Project planning and providing project development expertise.
  • Funding projects.
  • Delivering projects – construction, commissioning of supporting infrastructure, in-field restoration.
  • Project measurement, reporting and verification (MRV).
  • Adaptive quality management (Plan, Do, Check, Act) that is informed by ongoing MRV of impacts (negative, neutral or positive).
  • Trading the carbon credits and co-benefit credits.
  • Accounting for co-benefits.


Resources available to you – BlueCarbon Institute

BC-S2C is in the process of developing the BlueCarbon Institute (BC-I). BC-I will be one of largest facilities of its type in Australia, with practical products and services geared towards remote project sites and to maximise local community and Indigenous benefits and opportunities.

BlueCarbon OnCountry (BC-OC) will be the primary provider of operation and maintenance (O&M) services at the BC-I. BC-OC is jointly owned by BC-S2C and Indigenous shareholders.

On joint projects, the BC-I will provide our partners with the best research, trained teams, equipment and plants required for restoration projects.

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