Landowners & managers

We look forward to partnering with landowners and managers – individuals, Indigenous peoples, organisations or government.

Landowners and managers’ benefits

Landowners and managers’ may be attracted to projects that provide the following benefits:

  • Environmental – unlocking the environmental benefits on their land (e.g., improving biodiversity, water quality, flood protection) through:
    • Blue ecosystem restoration (e.g., coastal mangrove, seagrass, salt marsh, littoral forest plants).
    • Teal ecosystem restoration (e.g., freshwater plants).
    • Green ecosystem restoration (e.g., inland plants, e.g., savannah plants).
  • Governance – effective governance and management of land access, cultural heritage management, sacred site protection, agreement making and benefit distribution.
  • Economic empowerment.
    • Financial benefits like carbon royalties.
    • Employment, training, procurement.
    • Local community and indigenous enterprise.
  • Social and cultural support – community investment fund, volunteer work, support for reinforcement and promotion of Indigenous.
  • Public engagement – initiatives that advance the interests of landowners.
  • BC-S2C provides a “one-stop shop“, making it easy for landowners and managers to get benefits.


Resources available to you – BlueCarbon Institute

BC-S2C is in the process of developing the BlueCarbon Institute (BC-I). BC-I will be one of largest facilities of its type in Australia, with practical products and services geared towards remote project sites and to maximise local community and Indigenous benefits and opportunities.

BlueCarbon OnCountry (BC-OC) will be the primary provider of operation and maintenance (O&M) services at the BC-I. BC-OC is jointly owned by BC-S2C and Indigenous shareholders.

On joint projects, the BC-I will provide our partners with the best research, trained teams, equipment and plants required for restoration projects.

With a commercial agreement in place, the BC-I could provide many benefits. Click here for more details »

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