Buyers – Carbon credits & co-benefits

We look forward to partnering with carbon credit and co-benefit buyers – be they corporations (B2B), commodity funds (carbon credit assets), ESG funds, carbon credit brokers/ traders, climate change-focused FinTech or other types of enterprises.

  • Net zero pledges by 2030 and 2050.
  • Decarbonisation or climate change strategy.
  • Support for environmental, social and governance (ESG) deliverables.
  • Support for several United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG).
  • Help achieve their Company’s Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) when they engage with BlueCarbon OnCountry (BC-OC).

BC-S2C provides a “one-stop shop” making it easy for carbon credit and co-benefit buyers to get a package of benefits. By buying high integrity BC-S2C carbon credits and co-benefits, organisations can meet their objectives in a cost-effective manner.

Due to the scale of projects in our project pipeline and existing stakeholder relationships, we have the potential to be one of the largest project developers, suppliers and traders of high-integrity blue carbon credits in Australia and the surrounding Indo-Pacific. We are also creating a portfolio of associated teal and green carbon credits and co-benefits.

Resources available to you – BlueCarbon Institute

BC-S2C is in the process of developing the BlueCarbon Institute (BC-I). BC-I will be one of largest facilities of its type in Australia, with practical products and services geared towards remote project sites and to maximise local community and Indigenous benefits and opportunities.

BlueCarbon OnCountry (BC-OC) will be the primary provider of operation and maintenance (O&M) services at the BC-I. BC-OC is jointly owned by BC-S2C and Indigenous shareholders.

On joint projects, the BC-I will provide our partners with the best research, trained teams, equipment and plants required for restoration projects.

With a commercial agreement in place, the BC-I could provide our clients and key stakeholders many benefits. For more information, click here »

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