BC-OC Indigenous opportunities

If you are an Indigenous person, consider Blue Carbon S2C (“BC-S2C”) or BlueCarbon OnCountry (BC-OC) for a great career.

BC-S2C is developing the proposed BlueCarbon Institute (BC-I) based in the Northern Territory (NT).

BC-OC will be the primary provider of operation and maintenance services at BC-I.

BC-S2C and Indigenous shareholders jointly own BC-OC. BC-OC will supply most of the field staff and support services to our clients (internal and external).

It is expected that BC-OC will have a majority Indigenous workforce.

To apply for job vacancies

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BC-S2C works in partnership with Indigenous peoples across Australia and the Indo-Pacific. Many of our projects are on-country, and our success is by working closely with local experts who understand the local ecosystems.

Indigenous training and career pathways

BC-S2C’s Indigenous peoples’ pathway is written into our agreements. It aims to create early-stage links between Indigenous peoples and the Company, developing your skills and experience to create a fulfilling career. The pathway includes:

  • School to jobs program.
  • Pre-job training.
  • Job training.
  • Jobs (Indigenous peoples in BC-S2C or BCI – R&D, Training, Field, Nursery or Corporate staff).

We recognise traditional rights and acknowledge Indigenous people’s right to maintain their cultures, identities, traditions and customs.


Our work and approach in Indigenous people’s communities

For our work and approach in Indigenous peoples communities – please see Indigenous peoples »

  • Our approach.
  • Indigenous peoples Policy.
  • Feedback and Complaints Management Policy.
  • Code of Conduct Policy.
  • Engagement and agreement making.
  • Regional Indigenous peoples Plans – Australia and Indo-Pacific.
  • Cultural heritage.
  • Cultural awareness training.