Why our work matters

We are committed to playing our part to help the world reach the ambitions set out in the 2015 Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG).

Our projects are aimed at helping to restore large-scale nature-based solutions like blue carbon ecosystems (mangrove forests, tidal marsh and sea grass beds), teal carbon ecosystems (non-tidal freshwater wetlands) and green carbon ecosystems (terrestrial ecosystems like savannah forests).

It’s early days for us, but our projects in world-class carbon sink environments are recognised as superior nature-based solutions that will generate high integrity carbon credits and co-benefits at scale, translating into real action on climate change.

We are working towards real, verified, and high-quality blue, teal and green carbon credits and co-benefits that will be competitively priced to help meet our client’s climate change commitments and ESG strategies.

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We aim to significantly contribute to the societies in which we operate through positive social, cultural, environmental and economic co-benefits, through the jobs we create, the communities we support, our investments, and the taxes, royalties, employee wages and suppliers we pay.

Our projects deliver long-term value to our stakeholders. With a project lifespan of 25 to-100 years, our projects have the potential to provide intergenerational benefits.

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