Our purpose, values, culture & success

Our purpose

Blue Carbon S2C’s (“BC-S2C”) purpose is to achieve real action on climate change at scale by developing and financing blue, teal and green carbon projects and trading our own and third-party carbon credits and co-benefits.

Our core values

  • Safety
  • Care for the environment
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Innovation


Our culture

Culture is captured in how we work together and reflects our actions, not what is written in a policy or website. It relies on solid core values underpinned by respect, diverse and inclusive leadership, and teams that never compromise on standards and compliance. BC-S2C is committed to nurturing a positive culture where collaboration, execution capability and innovation are encouraged so we can achieve real action on climate change at scale.

  • We encourage a safety culture across our corporate and project sites, where health and safety are put first, people look out for each other, and everyone goes home safely.
  • We all are responsible for contributing to a safe, fair, and respectful work environment, free from harassment, sexual harassment and assault, bullying, racism and discrimination.
  • We create an evidence-based sustainable solutions culture, bringing the best technical methods into our environmental restoration projects in blue, teal and green ecosystems.
  • We support working with integrity, where we care as much about how results are achieved as we do about the results themselves. We engage respectfully with stakeholders such as landowners, Indigenous peoples, communities and clients, and we do the right thing by them by maintaining honest, transparent relationships and communications.
  • We provide a solid service culture, providing reliable services to clients, project stakeholders, shareholders, and valuing suppliers’ contributions and supporting local communities.
  • We value a positive entrepreneurial and innovation culture where we bring an entrepreneurial flair, bringing advanced technologies to the market while safeguarding our technology systems and clients’ data and protecting our tangible and intangible assets.
  • We reward a performance based culture where we achieve tangible results, measured by financial, health, safety, environment, community and culture metrics.